What is a Mompreneur?

What is a Mompreneur?

The simplest way to describe it is to break down the word:

Mom + Entrepreneur = Mompreneur

I would say that a mompreneur is not a working mom or a stay at home mom, but both. It means that your work/life balance prioritizes your role as a mother, while also fulfilling a professional role that results in an income.

The term mompreneur itself is a fairly new-ish, slang term that some define as a movement or a fad but in reality, women have been doing this for years. Luckily for us millennials, we have much more advanced technology accessible and this allows us to take our work pretty much anywhere there is a wi-fi connection.

I’m over a year into this mompreneur role, and I still feel like I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what the ‘raising children while running a business “balanced” role’ could and should look like. Regardless of the routines that I establish, things are different every. single. day. Whether it’s my child’s mood or the state of my business affairs, it is not a role where I can be even the slightest bit complacent.

I know it is good to surround yourself with other people who value and/or share your core values. If you are a mompreneur and have any tips or tricks to share, I’d love to hear what has helped you achieve a good balance.

Sarah Estes

Hello! My name is Sarah Estes. I was born & raised in Fort Worth, Texas, have two children, a fat old lab, a kind and handsome husband and love to help other's with their marketing strategy.