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Digital Marketing consultant

Helping clients develop digitally intuitive, strategic marketing plans for small to medium sized business located in the United States. All plans are custom crafted to fit within a business’ objectives and budget. Recommendations include strategies that optimize consumer engagement, maximize ROI and facilitate business growth.

Social Media & Paid Advertising

Need help developing your social media presence or setting up your paid digital advertising campaigns? With over 9 years of experience with platforms such as Google AdWords, Instagram and LinkedIn ads, my passion is helping businesses develop impactful campaigns that provide measurable results.

Partner Access & COLLABORATION

Although digital marketing is my passion, I work with experts in all fields to ensure that your marketing campaigns are seamlessly executed. Whether it’s a branding project or a brochure needed, let me help curate the perfect partner to bring your marketing campaigns to life AND help you manage them. Contact me to learn more about my preferred partners in photography, infographics, video, web development & more.


Most frequent questions and answers

I am a digitally intuitive marketing strategist who helps businesses scale by providing recommendations designed to streamline sales processes, increase engagement and overall revenue. You can learn about my previous project and agency experience here

My ideal client has a solid understanding of their business objectives and is willing to share performance and sales data which will serve as a baseline for all Estes Digital recommendations. This client is open to collaboration and is seeking a longer term parternship with a monthly agreement in place.  I service local and national businesses with both B2B and B2C models.

With all of my clients, I recommend that we start with a discovery session where we identify what’s working and what’s not, discuss the tools you are using and dive into your business goals. From there, I propose a series of strategies and tactics designed to help you achieve your business objectives. Once we’ve aligned these strategies with your budget and timelines, I will then come up with a master plan! Once we finalize our roadmap, we move into implementation and execution mode. Depending on the strategy, outside partners who specialize in their craft will be proposed and vetted.

A great deal of pride comes from the valuable strategic partnerships I’ve made over the last decade. My preferred partners are skilled craftsmen and women who are trustworthy and can produce quality work on time and within budget. These talented partners include graphic designers, videographers, copywriters, PR professionals and more! 

I have two models – a retainer and project based scope. Both are services are designed to fit within your budget and integrate within your existing team/plans. My preferred service is a monthly retainer model which allows you ongoing marketing support and maintenance across your key channels plus unlimited access to partners who I manage on behalf of you for the ultimate convenience – one point person!

A Note from Sarah Estes:

If you had asked me at the start of my career what success meant, my answer would have included being “queen” of the ad agency world. I began my first job at the start of the digital revolution. Social media and email campaigns were changing the marketing industry, and I was in love!

After a series of incredible job opportunities, working with local and national clients, I took a supervisory role at a well-known Fort Worth advertising agency. There I built a digital marketing department from the ground up. As I was nurturing this “digital baby” during the day, I was rocking my real baby at night. By the time my second child came along, the full time schedule and fast-paced deadlines left me burned out. I felt my priorities shifting and knew it was time to become “queen” of my household. So with a heavy heart, I said goodbye to the company and department I loved and hello to a new chapter—mompreneurship.

With Estes Digital, I’m seizing the opportunity to redefine what working motherhood looks like. It’s my hope that, like the marketing strategies I formulate, I can bring motherhood and entrepreneurship together to create the right mix.

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